What’s wrong with you?

I read attentively about the Hashtag #NoHateSpeech and it makes me speechless.

The green politician Renate Künast is currently defending herself in court against an incredible Shit Storm in Facebook and other social media. In the first instance Mrs. Künast lost in court to stop the worst insults and to punish the authors.

Now she has started a campaign against digital violence. Rightly so, I think.

Facebook and the other social media do nothing about it, while users are blocked if they only mention certain people in the post!

We at welovetantra and others of my colleagues are often blocked if we post only two naked male bodies. This is too sexist for these social media. I constantly get ads from Facebook and Co, played to advertise. With naked bodies? Hardly.

This double standard hits me in the face. Naked bodies are blocked, but if I call Renate Künast a stupid bit…. I still get right in German courts.

I am really outraged!

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