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Thorsten and Hanns invite you to the world of male Tantra. It will be an intense weekend.

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The workshop is designed to guide you through all aspects of tantra, such as breathing, touch, Tao Kung-Fu, sound massage and rituals. Breathing is an essential part of tantra. We will practice ancient breathing techniques from the taoist tradition to increase your physical and sexual energy. You will learn how to circulate the sexual energy and to have exstatic experiences.

We teach you to give and receive touch in a more connected way: From practical massage strokes to awareness about the intention of touch. This will be a transformative experience. You will learn different ways to give pleasure to yourself and others. Together we celebrate a holistic experience that will touch your heart, your spirit and your sexual center. We use active and silent meditations to connect more profound to ourselves. 

We will show how our lives have changed through Tantra. We teach you how this knowledge can be used in our everyday life for a more intense, aware and happier life. We learn about our desires, what we want and not want, and how to make it come true. Communication skills are a vital part of that.

The very private setting of the venue allows us to celebrate the community of men in all freedom. Between the workshop sessions, we will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner together, under the guidance of Hanns, who is a professionally trained chef.  We will cook with lots of sensuality and fun. Everyone can contribute to this process according to their preferences and abilities. The result is a deep connection between men loving men. The workshop is suitable for men who already know Tantra, but also a great first experience. Thorsten and Hanns will accompany you on your journey with all their knowledge and an open heart. 

What participants say about our past courses:

“Dear Thorsten, dear Hanns,
Today I finally come to report to you. You and Miguel with the very warmly thanks for the wonderful weekend and you Hanns for your great hospitality. I liked it very much and I am still filled with the great experiences, the good community, the moments of closeness and tenderness, the great atmosphere. “

Dietmar (Anonym, Name changed)

“I am grateful for the experience to have met you and enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Munich. Thorsten, Hanns and Miguel took care of our body and soul, in a loving way. “

Peter (Name changed)

“We had a wonderful workshop in Munich with Thorsten. The group was very harmonious and trust has built up in a very short time. It was very playful and the exercises were just right for this group. Thorsten has offered exercises for group dynamics. Exciting were the intensive conversation in the group. In the lush breaks, the participants had enough time to deepen individual discussions.“

Hans (Name changed)
Thorsten / Hanns / Miguel are looking forward to meet you !
Thorsten Sheranius

Thorsten Sheranius

Thorsten Sheranius is a designer, masseur, sacred intimate, erotic healer and Yoga teacher. Since 2009 Thorsten focused on the connection between sexuality and spirituality. After participating in many Gay Love Spirit workshops, he went on to complete the two-year training programme in 2010/2011. Since then he was leading many retreats and workshop through Gay Love Spirit. In 2019 Thorsten Sheranius and Hanns created WeLoveTantra to offer their own WORKSHOPS and RETREATS. Besides that Thorsten was interested and studying shamanic wisdom and native traditions with different teachers and traditions for many years. He is very inspired by the 2 Spirit Traditions of many native tribes. Thorsten offers erotic massages, sound massage and Sacred Intimate sessions in Frankfurt. His work is a dynamic combination of hot erotic touch, breathing, sound healing and shamanic wisdom from different traditions. Before every session there will be a talk about the intention of the session. In every session all his wisdom is available with respect and love for everybody involved.

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