WeLove Tantra Evenings

We welcome you to our erotic contact practice. We offer you a sequence of open evenings in which we show you central elements of Tantra for men who love men and make them experienceable.
Every evening is open for beginners. We have divided different parts of the program into the individual evenings so that you can learn and experience something new every time.

We will always take care of the needs of the men present. Every evening starts at 19h and ends at 23h. A small snack and refreshing drinks are included in the price.

The evening takes place in Munich Sendling, which can be reached centrally via the underground station Implerstrasse. A detailed description will be sent to you after booking the evening.

In a protected and trusting room we can let ourselves fall and be as we really are. Without pressure we can expand our boundaries and horizons. The evening begins with a little mediation to get there. 2-3 exercises on the topic of the evening will be guided and deepened by me.

If you have questions about the evenings, you can write Hanns a mail or read here or a short description here.

This workshop is open to new men and those with all levels of experience.

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