Ways out of fear with Tantra

We are all experiencing very difficult times at the moment. I asked myself, how does Tantra support me at the moment? How can I face my fears and how can I dissolve my fear?

The whole world seems to be coming apart at the seams. The media only report about fear, horror and death. My whole everyday life is determined by „experts“ and „studies“. Where am I as a human being, where is my freedom, where is my basic need for exchange, touch and love? Where is my self-determination?

How can I face my fear?

Each of us knows the fear of losing our job, getting sick or even dying. But isn’t it true that we cannot overcome illness and death? If we listen more closely to ourselves, we may find that these „basic“ fears are always in us, accepting them and simply living with them.

How can we face this in everyday life and how can Tantra support us here?

I have often asked myself lately why I get afraid of life. Dying is one of the primal fears of man. We, especially in westernized societies, are „conditioned“ from an early age that dying is something final, or depending on the religion, something where we have to go to „heaven“ and be „redeemed“.

But the problem is that these primal fears do not allow us to concentrate on „LIFE“ and enjoy it to the fullest. We have been told that enjoyment is something bad, that you have to „earn“ it. This is very strong in us. To dissolve this and to transform this is also the task of Tantra.

I no longer read newspapers or listen to the news on TV. This has helped me a lot to stay with „me“. In my own life energy.

I had to face my own fear very often in my life!

I had fears of being abandoned, not being loved, dying in an accident, crashing in a plane, getting sick, getting the HIV virus and others. All this „lamed“ me and made me close my heart and eyes to the real here and now. It sometimes lamed me so much that I regretted bad decisions later.

How did I deal with this fear and how did I let it go?

Do more Tantra!

Tantra has offered me ways to face my fears and dissolve them. Some of the methods of the new Tantra have helped me personally:

  • group work with sharing
  • different meditation techniques that allowed me to listen to „myself
  • bodywork that strengthened my self-confidence and allowed me to focus on the „here and now
  • Tantra exercises that challenged me to rethink my thinking patterns
  • Tantra exercises that allowed me to look into a new „dimension“.
  • Tantra exercises to strengthen my immune system
  • and above all, a lot of laughing, touching and receiving love together.

In our courses, meditations and bodywork are a part of confronting our fears. Especially in the dynamic meditations, be it a Quantum Light Breath Meditation or a Kundalini Meditation, they transport us into the inner self. What we find is unconditional love. To ourselves and to others.

But especially the group work, whether it is a Tantra exercise for self-love, self-reflection or other, support you to „see“ your „true“ self. It strengthens your self-confidence and lets you „shine“ as a human being.

The truthful confrontation with your sexuality lets you become „bigger“. Your sexuality is the greatest power that you possess. It is your creativity, an almost infinite power to your creativity and your ability to create.

Our workshops are always a part of awakening the potential of your sexuality. Facing this power will also allow you to conquer your fears and change your perspectives and allow you to take new paths.

Strengthen your immune system!

We can do a lot ourselves here to strengthen our immune system. I would like to list a few simple things:

  • Anxiety has been shown to make us weaken our immune system. Some things we can do every day, such as meditation, yoga, walking a lot in the fresh air, preferably in the forest.
  • A healthy diet! This certainly has a key role to play as well. So men, get to the pots and cook healthy food yourself!
  • Sensible food supplements! Here are certainly vitamin C, D3, zinc and magnesium to mention. Many of our foods contain far fewer nutrients and vitamins than they used to due to depleted soils.
  • There are also many, many gifts from nature that we can use for prevention and recovery. Just do a search on the Internet!

There are also other substances that strengthen our immune system and are absolutely free:

  • Lots of laughter! Laughter is an immune system booster. It can boost up to 40% our immune power
  • Give love and accept love!
  • Live self-love
  • Be there for each other! Do not judge everyone equally, whether you are for or against something. I accept my opposite as he is. With respect and without prejudices.
  • To consider at any time what I really need and what is not so important to me. And act accordingly.
  • SEX! SEX! SEX! Sex strengthens our immune system. Kissing, cuddling and everything that gives you pleasure is also part of it.

You see, there are some ways to deal with fear and do some things yourself!

In this sense, let’s all work to create a new world without fear, where freedom, love and respect are the most important of all goods!

I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.

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