TWO SPIRIT RETREAT / MAY 7th – 11th * Northern Germany *

Ancient 2 Spirit pictures
We’wha – was a famous 2 Spirit of the Zuni Tribe

Dear souls in a male body, this may 7th to 11th we offer you a very special opportunity for the third time. A Two Spirit Retreat with Wolf Martinez. We will discover the 2 Spirit wisdom inside of us and Wolf will share with us some of his wisdom of the 2 Spirits Traditions in form of Songs, Rituals, Dances and much more. There will be also two INIPI (Sweat Lodge) a very powerful Ritual of the Native American tradition, an ancient ritual of cleaning, transformation and prayer. And we will have a lot of fun and a great time in the Community we are forming. Who is a 2 Spirit ? We all are maybe ? In most Native Tribes we had our Place as gay, lesbian and transgender beings. We had a special gift and special tasks to do. Wolf Martinez will give us deep insights of who we really are and what our tasks in our Communities might be. Wolf has send me invitation Text to share with you. Enjoy Thorsten

Wolf Martinez
is a “Two Spirited” Ceremonial Leader and practitioner of Shiatsu
and Indigenous Healing Traditions for over 20 years. He has developed
this practice based in Oriental, and Indigenous Healing Arts which he
calls “Transformational Body Therapy.” This healing work incorporates
the physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual bodies to create an
optimum experience for Freedom, limited only by ones Intentions.

Hello Guys! Come join us for an exciting gathering where we will delve into ancient perspectives, and teachings of our nature as Third Gendered Human Beings. Perspectives from Indigenous peoples whom lived harmoniously with Nature, including Human nature. Exercises, Ceremonies and Inipi’s (Sweat Lodges) will also be offered to provide us opportunity to experience directly the inner feminine and masculine, and the sacred place in-between. The intention is that each participant will leave with a renewed understanding and awareness of Self and our Natural Roles in society. With an ability to see beyond the imposed conditions of the Patriarchy that has moved to suppress us, we find a Greater sense of Personal Freedom which can be Realized and integrated in our daily lives. A follow up e-mail for those registered will provide logistical information, guidelines, preparations, and a list of things to bring. This retreat is for individuals born male sexed, whom feel a feminine quality within, or that have had difficulty conforming to Society’s conditions for male gender roles. It is also for those that identify as Gay, Bi, Two Spirit, or Curious. Wolf Martinez

If you would like to receive more information about the 2 SPIRIT RETREAT or book your place please e-mail to: Thorsten(at)

Some pictures of last years 2 SPIRIT RETREAT

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