The Quantum Light Breath Meditation

The Quantum Light Breath Meditation according to Jeru Kabbal is a powerful one hour meditation to purify body, mind and soul.

I have experienced this kind of dynamic meditation in 2012 and appreciate dynamic meditation among others, like Kundalini very much. My first experiences with it were very powerful and strong. For some years now I have been happy to pass on this knowledge and practice it in Tantra groups and evenings.

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I used to play the available CD of Jeru Kabbal, but lately I have been using my own music compilation and of course my musical instruments like my hang drum, dums and singing bowls to support me.

The first time can be very strange to use this breathing technique. It is mainly practiced in upright sitting and loose clothing. Everyone can choose his sitting position. Only the upright seat is important. Towards the end of the meditation a change of sitting position can be felt. Some participants lie on their backs, others prefer other sitting positions.

The abdomen remains loose all the time and inhalation fills the lungs and abdomen until no more air fits in. The air is literally pressed into it. The exhalation happens almost automatically. At the beginning of the meditation it is good to make a special effort. And try really hard to fill your lungs as much as possible.

The breathing is slow at the beginning and the speed is accelerated at half the time. And towards the end again slowly, as at the beginning.

As with ZEN and similar meditations, no energy is put into the thoughts. We just let them pass by, like in a movie, and always come back to breathing. Breathing and rhythm will support us. We always concentrate back on breathing. This helps us to let go of our thoughts and not to hold them.

Breathing becomes faster and the intensity increases. We continue to try to press as much air into the lungs and abdomen as possible.

Towards the end the breathing becomes slower again and those who no longer want to hold their original position can change it now.

What does this kind of powerful, dynamic meditation do?

The body absorbs more oxygen during meditation than the body can consume. What exactly happens cannot be discarded. One must have experienced it!

Many participants fall into a state similar to a „trance“. Old patterns and thoughts come up and can trigger unexpected feelings of happiness or sadness. Many participants start crying, screaming or laughing towards the end. The feelings cannot be suppressed. The unconscious comes to light. This is an opportunity to let go of old things, to let sadness go.

At the end I give all participants enough time to arrive in the here and now. To drop feelings and effort.

Meditation is an excellent way to overcome lows and crises.

After that you are charged like NEW. One feels incredibly fresh afterwards. Full of new love for yourself, and with new strength!

I love this kind of meditation.

There are many CDs and books, also by Jeru Kabbal, the founder of the Clarity Process (r). From my experiences and workshops with other shamans, I was astonished to find that this kind of meditation has been known for a long time. Native Indian tribes have known this meditation in a different form for hundreds of years. Other primitive tribes also used this form of meditation for clarification and the creation of new strength.

If you are interested, then visit me in my workshops or evenings. The QLB is almost always an integral part of my courses.

Words of Jeru Kabbal

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