Supporting our Community! Online Tantra Evening

How can Tantra support you in this difficult times of the virus?

Thosten and I have build with you in the past workshops a big and loving community. We would like to support you in this times of the virus.

Some countries made it almost impossible to meet in person again for a while. Travel is almost stopped worldwide.

We love to re-connect with you and found a way!

Lets try it together! For my Munich Tantra Evening group I setup a video conference to reconnect and share again. It is simple and it can be used on the computer, on smartphones and pads. You receive all details per mail from us.

I just published the first online tantra evening for the men that had participated already.

We will publish more dates for online meetings by the time. Just to reconnect and for sharing!

Stay healthy and send out all your love you have.

This will heal us all, not just the virus!

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