Stop Abuse in Tantra

A friend of mine just send me a link to a very interesting video that Margot Anand published on youtube. Its about abuse in tantra.

As a tantric and spiritual gay men, I know exactly what she is talking about. As a tantric bodyworker I am coming very close to my „clients“. I am touching body parts that are in „normal“ massage absolutely tabu.

Here is the video, I am talking about.

She is taking mainly about men and women doing tantra. In my eyes this is just an old thinking of dominant male vs. obsolete female roles.

Females are there for my pleasure. Puh!

I see, this is counting also in the gays world.

Everything, absolutly everything in my tantric practise is about consent. If there is consent, there will be no ABUSE! And everything is possible, as long we both agree.

So consent and communication (verbal and non-verbal) is essential in our work. We are practicing this a lot in our workshops we do. This takes a big part. There are really useful exercises for this.

I don’t see my work as an fullfilment of my desire!

But having said this, every human being has desires. This is a point how I deal with my desires. My clients desires comes always first, as long I can agree to it. Of course I am only human. Mistakes can happen, and I am not immune to it. I am able to say „I feel sorry from the bottom of my heart! Please forgive me!“. And as a human being I can learn! Of course this work gives a lot back to me in return. It lets me grow as a person of love. It shows to me a new spiritul dimension. And it shows me how to deal with my own desires in a responsible and respectful way.

Everything we do is from the source of LOVE!

So this can’t be really wrong. Of course this can be challanging.

Man in Clouds

In this world of Spiritual Predators and Pathological Gurus trying to impose something else on you. Just stop. Im a gay man and i am a tantric. Some of this „GURUS“ claim all sort of trademarks – exclusiveness of there knowledge and abusing – in my eyes – everybody doing tantric work. Because this is not about competition, its about LOVE and its about SHARING. There should be no place for exclusiveness or taking it materialisticly. This GIFT does not „belong“ to us. This was given to us to share it with other humans. To heal ourselfs – to heal the world we live in.

The only thing in life that grows when spending it – IS LOVE!

I think a lot about my tantric work. Especially attracting more and more younger men to our workshops. As I am getting older, this is an issue. This is an issue, but not for me. I will see the men and his desires and needs, rather then to see an „object“. I believe in that case, it is absolutely ok to touch a younger man. I am not seeing the borders of old/yound. I see only the human being, the man that needs the touch and care.

This is a universal spiritual path and a gift.

I am very gratefull of my clients. I learn a lot, more and more from each of them – about LOVE, about MINDFULNESS, about my SHORTCOMINGS, about my DESIRE and what really LOVE is.

This tantric work is sacred to me and I pray every day for this GIFT that was given to me. For me it is not being better then every of my clients, its about sharing wisdom, its about giving away my knowledge.

ABUSE has NO ROOM in this work.

This post was inspired by Martin! Martin I love you with all my body cells I have!

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