New in 2020!

After some amazing weeks in Bali we are working on new workshops and locations for you in 2020. A part of it is an Anal Massage Workshop in Cologne. We have a vision about bringing a group to Gran Canaria again to Eco Tara, a fantastic Venue that Hanns discovered several years ago. Another powerful vision is a Sacred Intimate Training for Men together with Chris Tantra in Coma-Ruga near Sitges.

New Location for 2020!

As you might have noticed, we have planned 2 workshops for you in Cologne this year! We start over easter weekend with our MAGIC and EROTIC MASSAGE workshop lead by THORsten Sheranius and in Juli we organise an anal massage weekend in the same location.

Tajet Garden / Cologne

We will be in the lovely location Tajet Garden in the group room. This place has a very bright and supportive energy. It is also possible to sleep there for 20€ per night.

Sacred Intimate Training for Men together with Chris Tantra in Coma-Ruga near Sitges / 15.09.2020 to 20.09.2020

The Venue in Coma-Ruga

Our friend Chris Tantra wrote this text as a teaser for the Sacred Intimate Training. „This 5 day training explores and celebrates the sacred mysteries of Erotic Intimacy. Presence, awareness, trust, intimacy, sensuality and much more will be involved in the process ….Participants will be able to practice connection, full body massage, genital and anal touch, intimate contact, learn and develop creative and alternative practices to connect and communicate with people in need. Supported by the group you will dive into the most hidden part of your memories, fears, shame, fantasies and bring them to the surface of your consciousness. You will celebrate in a joyful ritual this liberation and the awaking to an upper state of consciousness. This workshop is a unique opportunity to explore Eros as an energy of transformation that deepens a sense of genuine connection to oneself and others.“ More information is coming soon.

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