Massage Workshop and LAST tantra evening 2019

We held our last WeLove Erotic Massage Workshop for this year and on the Nov 15th is our last tantra evening in Munich for this year. But don’t be sad, we have new workshop and evenings dates already published. More to come….

Feedback from participants of WeLove Erotic Massage

The massage workshop with Thorsten was filled with his many years of experience with Tantra massages, which he gave over time. Thorsten thought he gave over 1000 massages and he shared this great and rich experience with us on the weekend.

Thorsten and Hanns
Thorsten and Hanns full of Love after the Workshop!

The special thing about the massage workshop was not only the „red thread“ through all aspects of a Tantra massage, but also Thorsten’s open-hearted insights into his work with tips and tricks. All in all, introductions and exercises were very practice-oriented. It is always stimulating to repeat what you have already learned and to learn something new.

Personally, I particularly liked:

  • Many tricks about how to „er-„find your own massage structure and how to „build in“ your own preferences.
  • Tricks and examples how „challenges“ can be solved during the massage.
  • Thorsten’s almost endless experience and the sharing of his wealth of experience from the heart.
  • Thorsten’s ability to convey everything easily and playfully.
  • His empathetic perception of inexperienced and experienced participants at the same time.

It is really very valuable to always take something new with you.

On Friday we started with the first warm-up exercises after a little snack. This was a great way to get to know each other. Afterwards we finished the evening with drinks and nice conversations. On Saturday after breakfast we went immediately to the workshop and to massage. Thorsten and Hanns gradually introduced us to our body and that of others and showed us many possibilities to implement tantric massage. Starting with establishing the connection to the other person, gentle touching, slow oiling and letting in on oneself and one’s partner. Together we have worked our way through the whole body and experienced step by step which techniques are available and how to use them. Saturday was full of information and beautiful encounters. In the evening I was pleasantly exhausted. But a meal together and a glass of wine revitalized me. On Sunday, we then practiced everything we had learned the day before under the guidance of Thorsten and Hanns. We gave our partners a complete massage and were able to enjoy it afterwards. A good completion of the workshop. For men who love to give and receive touch, it is an absolute MUST. It frees the soul and you enter a beautiful world full of energy. I have enjoyed the workshop and feel confirmed in my actions.

Thanks to Hanns, Thorsten and the wonderful men.

A Feedback from a Participant

And here is one more feedback from a participant:

I have learned many new techniques and possibilities to give massages. Thank you Thorsten for sharing your seemingly endless experiences with us. Not only the information I received, but also the pleasant atmosphere, the good food, the feeling of acceptance made the weekend an experience. From the beginning to the end I felt good all around and could enjoy every moment. It will be especially memorable for me. Dear Hanns, dear Thorsten, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again. You gave me a great experience and accompanied me so intensively from Friday to Sunday that I can hardly wait to attend another workshop with you two. I send you love and warm greetings and look forward to seeing you again.

PS: Not to forget an eventful and fulfilled holiday on Bali! Fill up and bring enough energy for all of us! I wish you many beautiful experiences and touching moments!

The workshop is an enrichment in my life. I was allowed to experience a lot and felt happy and balanced after the weekend.

This experience puts me in a kind of gratitude full of love.

Another Feedback from a Participant.

On November 15th last Tantra evening for this year!

On November 15th at 7 pm I hold my last Tantra evening for this year. There is something special in the Advent season.

I’m really looking forward to it. Let me surprise you!

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