Is this Real TANTRA?

I get often asked about our work and what the difference is between this various and growing offers!

Well, of course this is my personel opinion on the work we do and should be not taken to serious!

Is this „real“ tantra, what we offer?

We work and tell a lot about tantric energy such as breathing, massage, mindfullness, self-reflection and other techniques. This are techniques, but I would like to tell you, it is more about what YOU feel, rather then what we tell you to do in the exercises.

Don’t let anybody tell you what you should feel!

What drives me mad in this discussions is, that you can not compare about other tantric workshops and trainers. Every workshop we do is different and every trainer is different. So I can say, I liked this trainer, I liked this exercise, but then again we describe feelings we had. This is a good thing and I don’t mind at all, when some participents tell others how they felt in a workshops with me as a trainer.

The other thing that drives me mad is, that saying so, you tell somebody else what they should or have to feel. You can not tell anybody what they should feel. You only can tell about your feelings. Not the other ones!

If you take an exercise and ask everyone what they were feeling, I am sure you will get different answers back. The feelings belong to you as an individual human and can not be replicated. We are growing from understanding and respecting this feelings that the other has and reflecting on it. We are not justificating the other for having not the feeling we want them to have. This is real freedom.

Copy and Paste!

I had a lot of different trainers. When I do a Quantum Light Breath Meditation or a Osho Meditation, of course I learnt this from different trainers. I am taking this knowledge and transform it to something new. I do it my way! Is this „stealing“? – No, I don’t think so.

Tantra is not about competition – its about LOVE and Sharing!

I don’t believe in tantric competition. We are all humans and we have to share a lot. In our workshops we try to share as much as we can – with a open heart to everyone!

Of course – it is very human also to want make comparision and but everything in a box, so that we can easily access this memory again. We should open up our boxes and resort them!

But lets be fair – don’t but us in a box, put us in your heart. And we love you for that what you are, and – for your feelings!

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