FINDING BALANCE IN TURBULENT TIMES, Two Spirit Zoom Retreat May 8th- 10th

Hello everybody, this years Two Spirit Retreat will be held online next weekend, it is an amazing opportunity to connect with our deep wisdom in this very special time of global transformation. Please read the invitation text by Wolf. You will find all information there. Lets make it a world wide Two Spirit Gathering. Warm hugs from my heart. THORsten Sheranius

THORsten & Wolf

Hello Brother/ Sisters! Next Friday Evening- Sunday evening we’ll be gathering on Zoom to explore our Nature as Two Spirit Beings, and our place in assisting to bring Balance and Centeredness to the collective in these times of Global slowing and Solitude, starting with our Selves. It is our Nature to Nurture and comfort, and we have held in many traditions around the world for centuries roles of Medicine People, Healers, Shamans, Artists, and Mediators between the Seen and Unseen. Bringing MANifest Great Beauty to Uplift All People. 

There will be 5 meeting in total, all times listed are in German Time. 

Friday May 8th Opening Circle at 7:00pm

Saturday May 9th, First session at 8:00am, Second session at 7:00pm. 

Sunday May 10th, Fist session at 8:00am, Second and closing Ceremony at 7:00pm. 

We are offering this by donation starting at $100, more or less depending on what your able to offer in return. Your Generosity is Grately Apprciated! You can register by contacting me, Wolf Martinez, by email You can use the same e-mail address to make payment via PayPal or if you can use Venmo you can make a payment there without a deduction of fee’s. I am Greg-Wolf-Martinez on Venmo. Please contact Thorsten if you have not received the email invitation and would like to. I sincerely hope you are all doing well in these Blessed Times of Great Change, and maintaining your Balance in Joy. Know also this retreat will move to assist us in refining that balance, and realizing a Deeper Potential of our Nature as Two Spirit Beings. I really look forward to gathering with as many of you as possible next weekend. Feel free to sharing this invite with other Gay Men or Nonbinary Beings of male gender. Although I am unable to gather with you in person in germany this year, I am so Happy we still able to meet in this way through Zoom. The meetings, Ceremonies, and Retreats I’ve had these past several weeks have been Amazing and profound as we all know, there is not such things and time and Space when we enter into that Sacred Space together as One! With all My Love,Wolf+1-505-310-2980

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