Feedback Tantra Evening January 2020

Again I got a wonderful feedback on our last Tantra evening in Munich. Thanks a lot!

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On this evening, as on the other evenings, I learned a lot about myself and other men. This time I was confronted with one or the other „rejection“, in the sense that my partner clearly showed or said to me what he or he does not want. I find this very important and it is just as important to deal with it in a relaxed way and to respect this wish. I was usually hardly or not sexually aroused, but touched by the sensitivity of my partner. It was much more important to me that someone hugs me or holds my face lovingly, with intensive eye contact, than to „perform“ a sexual act in the genital area. („One swallow doesn’t make a summer and a cock doesn’t make a eroticism“). My challenge is to deal with the fact that I am bisexual and have a beloved and tolerant girlfriend for years, which means that I do not „live a gay life“. So many actions, focus and similar things are not so familiar to me and therefore sometimes I do not really understand my partner’s non-verbal guidance. But I had a lot of fun pleasantly pampering partners who don’t attract me and don’t excite me at all. And finally, I always come back to Munich because of Hanns inimitable nature and to learn a lot about myself and others.

Participant of the evening on 24.01.

For me it was a mental and physical contact with mostly complete strangers. Actually a miracle that this is largely possible. Hanns as „tension reliever“ contributes to this with his very pleasant personal manner.


It is always a great pleasure for me to create this monthly evening. Every evening I think about a topic and lead through 2-3 small exercises. The evening begins at 19h and ends around 23h.

I love this evening with you and hope to see you next time on 21.02.

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