Feedback from last Tantra evening – next one on oct 12th

I got a wonderful feedback on the last Tantra evening on 13 September 2019. Thank you very much for your deep insight.

As always, I anonymize the answers. This post was first published in German on


An arriving and being taken in.

I felt comfortable the whole time.

At the beginning there was a meditation and the possibility to talk about yourself and your feelings. Then the first exercise began. Touching each other and feeling the other. Breathing together and getting involved with each other. Everything in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

The next exercise was about exploring each other with blindfolds blindfolded and then later gently undressing each other.

The nice thing about the exercise was that nobody really knew who he was in contact with.

WeLove Tantra Abend

After a short break with small delicacies we went on for a massage.

I especially like this part. Stroking each other, touching sensually and the feeling of being able to let yourself go. These informal touches, which one may give or accept, to feel that the other can enjoy it, are wonderful and valuable experiences, which can let new energies flow in you.

I also liked the cosy fading away, laughing together and exchanging stories.

Thank you very much for a wonderful evening!

I was very much looking forward to the evening and was curious about the program and the other men. From the beginning I had the feeling to be accepted and felt comfortable and free.
The individual exercises were beautiful and full of touch. I enjoy being touched very much or touching myself. That is why such evenings always seem much too short to me. I could go on like this for hours.
I also didn’t have the feeling of being a „newcomer“, but felt part of the group the whole time. I’m already looking forward to the next evening with many intense and sensual touches!

Anonymous, participant of the evening

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