Feedback from Hypnosis and Touch Workshop

I would like to share some feedback from participents of our last Hypnosis and Touch workshop with you.
Thanks to all participants for this exeptional expierence!

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During your Tantra evenings and now also at the Hypnosis Seminar I always felt very comfortable. The encounter with you and the other men is familiar and soooo pleasant. The eroticism crackles and I learned a lot from you. So I know how to give my partner a good massage and also include the genital area. Thank you very much for your valuable work!

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A wonderful experience that I would not want to miss and at any rate want to repeat. Thank you very much for this beautiful and tingling evening – until November …

Another Participant

For us its always nice and motivating to here all the beautiful feedback from you.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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Since the beginning of 2013 I have been interested in Tantra and attended various Tantra workshops with different teachers. I have been fascinated by this topic ever since I attended my first workshop. I finished my current 2 year Tantra Training in 2015. The many facets of interpersonal encounters have always interested me and personally helped me to grow. I would like to pass on my experience and I am active in my free time with tantric massage. I would love to share these experiences with you. Chat with me on telegram

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