Feedback from Hypnosis and Touch Workshop

I would like to share some feedback from participents of our last Hypnosis and Touch workshop with you.
Thanks to all participants for this exeptional expierence!

During your Tantra evenings and now also at the Hypnosis Seminar I always felt very comfortable. The encounter with you and the other men is familiar and soooo pleasant. The eroticism crackles and I learned a lot from you. So I know how to give my partner a good massage and also include the genital area. Thank you very much for your valuable work!

man with flowers

A wonderful experience that I would not want to miss and at any rate want to repeat. Thank you very much for this beautiful and tingling evening – until November …

Another Participant

For us its always nice and motivating to here all the beautiful feedback from you.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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