What awaits you! A summary

Again and again we get incredibly nice feedback from our participants. It fills me with pride and love. It animates me to give new workshops and formats for you again and again. Here is a short summary of what you can expect with us and a short description of me! Have fun reading.

Feel new well-being on your own body

Many participants told us afterwards that they rarely experienced such a sense of well-being before, also and especially because of the other men that were strangers in the beginning. This allowed them to feel their own bodies as they are. To meet oneself and other men without shame, without prejudices, opens new “inner worlds”. This feeling of well-being usually lasts for a very long time. Especially after an intensive workshop we recommend to meet yourself and your everyday life with slowness and attentiveness. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. To do quiet things with beloved friends and family.

All cells are alive, full of energy

In the workshops we work with tantric energies. What is that? Thousands of years ago, the Tao Masters (forerunners of TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine) described energies that flow through our body. We know these points as meridians, chakras, acupuncture points etc. When these energies flow, we feel full of energy, full of momentum and feel better and happier. We are fit for everyday life. We create everything we have set out to do. Depressions (or bad feelings/thoughts) leave in everyday life. We feel younger. Sexier. Liberated.

Total alertness and relaxation

Since we practice mindfulness towards ourselves and others in our workshops, this is also easier in our everyday life. Mindfulness can be practiced. This does not necessarily mean that we have to do everything in “slow motion”. Rather, it means that we encounter things in a mindful way, that we otherwise do automatic. We thus experience a more vigilant approach. Things that we never noticed before suddenly become visible. They become more important in our lives. Our counterpart also feels this “new” mindfulness in us. We are perceived more.

“I love how attentive you are to me! You can listen all of a sudden, and I feel that I’m more aware of you.”

Rediscover rituals

Believe it or not, rituals determine much of our lives. This already starts with brushing our teeth! We want to teach you new rituals with mindfulness. These rituals not only help to bring more mindfulness into your life. They also give structure, serenity and playful joy to your life.

Our undressing rituals are something very special. With or without blindfold, we slowly learn to feel our bodies first. Light music and slowness let us feel our and other bodies more clearly.

We keep many rituals in our “treasure chest”. According to the needs of the individual groups we will use them for you.

More feelings of happiness

Many of us know everyday life without feelings of happiness. Unpleasant activities are carried out by us as robots or even pushed aside.

Especially exercises with other men together, allow us to open ourselves again for happiness in everyday life. Exchange, touch and intimacy become more important to us again. We can be seen as we really are. Without having to pretend.

To be accepted, without a mask, without conditions, is a wonderful and blissful experience. This feeling in us can last for a very long time, even after the workshop. We are happier in everyday life.

Experience true ecstasy

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “quick” ecstasy. We get excited inside, we get horny. We want to learn to use and prolong this state of ecstasy (state of rapture) for ourselves.

For this we will show you many exercises. Some of these exercises can also be done alone, at home.

Full-body pleasurable sensations

Of course our feeling and desire is very individual. We know our preferences. We want to point out new possibilities, new experiences of pleasure. Where you might never have thought it was possible.

It is not about comparing a feeling of pleasure with performance stress, it is more about allowing new experiences of pleasure and thus expanding pleasure, happiness and love.

We have wonderful exercises on this topic for you.

Rediscovering community

It is often the case that our everyday life hardly seems to allow community. Together we re rediscovering common ground in the group, far away from “blue pages” or other dating portals, a connection of the hearts. It is nice to rediscover your own need for honest and respectful connection.

Especially in the exercises, where we change partners frequently, this can be practiced excellently. In some courses we also cook a feast for us. For some participants this is a new experience of connection. We create something creative together and then eat it! It is wonderfully playful and really a lot of fun!

Encourage self-love

Secretly we all know that I can only give love when I accept myself inside and love myself. This is an old wisdom that can sometimes be hard to accept.

Self-love first begins to accept myself as I am! This step is often not very easy and sometimes also connected with a lot of pain and patterns in us.

With specific exercises, we want to support you on this journey. With our self-love ritual and other exercises you can “feel” very well how valuable I am, what I can bring in. The beauty (or divinity) within ourselves is brought to light. I can accept myself with all my “shortcomings” as I am.

Increase self-confidence

During emotionally difficult exercises my self-confidence leaves me. Maybe my own patterns become visible, which I would like to discard. Full of respect and devotion we are treated by others in the workshop and treat them in the same way.

In the workshop we create together a protected “space” in which we can be as we are. Everything seems to flow easily. I can go beyond the limits I have set for myself. I feel stronger through everyone. I am supported. No one sees me as a freak. I feel accepted. I feel loved.

Tears are allowed to flow, it cleanses me from my pain.

I take this feeling of being loved home with me and make me more confident to master my difficult everyday life.

Strengthened for everyday life

In the exercises of the workshops we can not only increase our self-esteem. We also show different types of meditations that we can easily integrate into our daily life.

This connects us with our core. This strengthens us for everyday life.

Living your spirituality

Spirituality is about more than just meditation.

For me personally, spirituality is actually the opposite of being religious. Spirituality captures our whole mind (spirit). It sees the divine in me. It shows me why I am here in this world. It can also show me or guide my further path in life. It empowers me on my personal life journey.

Everything we do in tantric workshops is living spirituality, whether you believe in it or not. This is not important for us. If you are open for yourself and others, you will find your own spirituality (again!).

This is far away from religion or religious beliefs that you may bring with you or that have shaped you.

Live your sexuality

What do I really want? What am I really into? What’s my turn-off? What do I expect? What else do I want to experience?

Human sexuality is a very complex field. In my opinion there are as many sexualities as there are people in the world.

With our tantric exercises we show ways into a “new”, “different” sexuality. Far away from dating portals and so on.

We want to make new experiences without the “porn in the head”, which is performance rewarded and not emotional. We are generally not against porn, but we want to have different experiences than the stereotypes show.

Better recognize and set limits

In everything we do, it is important to recognise our limits and to demand this with respect. We all have limits, which are individually different. If we allow ourselves to respectfully expand these boundaries, we win. But often we allow these limits to be exceeded without respect, without our inner desire. This creates in us a feeling of sadness, anger and other feelings.

In exercises we want to show/respect/recognize limits and study them. We recognise when we can allow ourselves to “jump over our shadow” and when we should not do so.

We will show you some supporting measures that you can use. These are also suitable for everyday life, to respectfully trust your own limits in difficult situations.

Learn new love techniques

Oh ah! Let’s have it!

We all know it, the old in-out game. Oh who would have thought it, there are still many other things to learn and new ways of playing is not only good for us, but also for the partner!

This is about a fulfilling sex life. Who wouldn’t want that?

If we know exactly what we like and don’t like, we can also communicate more easily about sex (verbal/non-verbal). It is more fun. It expands our emotional world. It makes us happy. We recognize sex not only as a means of our own ” self satisfaction”. But we expand our sex with new varieties, with spirituality, with love, with mindfulness and also with perseverance (if you notice my TAOist session!!!)

In the workshops we encourage a lively exchange of ideas. In this way we can question traditional patterns. Maybe we also offer the one or other exercise! But that remains our secret!

Discover your sexuality as a life force

That’s right! Sex is life force and I think that sexuality is the strongest life force. Especially in Tantra, where we don’t know any physical taboos, we take a new way to use this life force for ourselves or to allow it in the first place.

In some exercises we want to awaken this life force and keep it within us. If we manage to connect our sexuality with our heart (love), completely new worlds of emotional life open up within us. It is wonderful!

Learn to feel yourself holistically

In everyday life it is easy to “cheat” certain parts of ourselves. Sometimes we simply do things that would not have happened with mindfulness.

Many exercises in the workshop will show you how to feel yourself holistically again. To respond to all wishes, not only of certain body parts. If we “find” ourselves as a whole again, even a difficult everyday life can be mastered better and with ease.

Gratitude in full love

That’s right! Gratitude is something that is dwindling more and more in our world. It is often difficult to learn and see gratitude from within, without tension, without conditions.

Gratitude, not only towards us, but also towards others, but also towards things, allows us to broaden our horizons and to rediscover things we considered trivial with a new perspective.

Our counterpart reacts with gratitude. Gratitude generates respect and love.

Many of our exercises will make you feel “new gratitude”. They can be very small things or big events. It is important to carry this gratitude into your everyday life. We can learn so much about ourselves.

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