WeLove Hypnosis and Touch

Herwig and Hanns invites you to a very special workshop day with hypnosis and touch.

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In the begining of the workshop we we show you the exact structure of the workshop. In this workshop day you will experience a new intense experience with touch.

At the beginning we will explain the exact procedure to you. A short introduction to the effects of hypnosis, a small demonstration of massage and massage grips that you can apply. We are available for questions.

A little exercise will lead you into a new room. Small exercises for breathing, first touches and gentle getting to know each other will allow you to slowly open up for what will follow.

The actual hypnosis takes place after the theoretical part and small introductory exercises. You will be massaged comfortably on a mattress. Herwig will initiate the hypnosis.

Back Massage

The light hypnosis will put you in a state that will allow you to switch off better and more intensely. You will be able to perceive the touches more intensely.

This hypnosis session is not a therapy and should not release you from clearly expressing your limits when you touch something you find uncomfortable.

This workshop day is suitable for men of all experience levels. If giving massages is new to you, we will support you with our introduction as well as during the massage.

As the space for this workshop is limited, please book early.

Herwig and Hanns are looking forward to you and a new journey into touch.

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