WeLove Erotic Massage Workshop

During this weekend our trainers will share their experience and love for erotic massage with you. In this massage you touch and honor every part of the body in the same way, an amazing experience of love and pleasure.

You are welcome as a beginner or masseur with experience. 

We believe that every human being has a natural capacity to give loving touch, our aim is to reconnect you with this part of yourself. Many men are craving for this kind of connection and do not know where to find it. Here is your opportunity.

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You will learn various techniques of sensual touching and receiving touch in a conscious way, the breath plays an important role too. We show you how to create a safe space where intimate connection with love and respect is unfolding naturally.

After the basic massage strokes we will teach you the strokes of genital massage and anal massage. We are very aware of hygiene and will explain you how to keep everything safe and hygienic when you give a genital massage.

You will learn by giving and receiving massage many times throughout the weekend, every time we show you more and your wisdom expands step by step.

During the massage sessions we will be naked.

It is important that you are comfortable with sitting on the floor with both hands free to massage, of course we will show you some positions that make it easier but you need to be a bit fit and flexible.

We will work in couples and small groups. The partners will be chosen by random principle, in this way you will have many different experiences, you will learn something from each participant. Every man brings something special to the workshop and in this way we create a unique experience together.

We are looking forward to meet you soon.

THORsten and Hanns

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    Hello. I can’t find the prices for your events and workshops…

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