WeLove Anal Massage Workshop

Thorsten and Hanns

In our new workshop WeLove Anal Massage you will experience new ways of anal pleasure.

We will create a save environment for you in a group of loving men, where you can open up and discover new ways of sensuality and pleasure.

The workshop will have a theoretical and a practical part.

We will share all our knowledge with you and introduce different perspectives on this often challenging topic.

Dive into different touch experiences

There is much more about anal pleasure then just penetration with a penis. There are many different ways of touching and exploring this area, for example with the rosebud meditation. This Anal Meditation will help you to experience different sensations around your anus, maybe for the first time or with a new intensity and freedom to enjoy yourself.

You will connect with your deepest anal desires and communicate them in a clear way. We will teach you new ways of giving and receiving anal pleasure, for example how to perform the external Anal Massage as giver and receiver. This is the so called Rosebud Massage.

A very important part of this weekend workshop is anatomy and hygiene. Together we learn how the anus, rectum and the surrounding muscles function, how to clean yourself in the best way before anal sex or internal anal Massage. We talk about different cleaning tools and cleaning postures and how to be safe and hygienic at any time. We do all this in a light and playful way and share our experiences with each other. In this way we leave the feelings of shame, fears and guilt behind and bring a lot of light between our legs 😉

Another very important element is the emotional connection with our anus and the anal fun. Many men have little connection to this area of their body, some had bad or painful experiences in the past. Our culture puts this area in a dirty, shameful and secret place. For some men it is a long way to overcome this cultural programming and start having a joyful and sensual connection with their anus and beyond. We will help you during this weekend to do some big steps on this journey. Together we will create a feeling of trust that allows the whole group to connect deeper to all these layers of the complex anal topic.

After the external anal Massage we go further with the internal anal massage and prostatic massage. This is not only an amazing feeling but also very healthy if you do it in the right way. Again communication, and trust are very important here and will have their space for everybody in the group while learning this kind of massage on each other.

During the last part of this weekend we will be so connected and open about our anal pleasure that we can celebrate a fantastic Ritual together. The Toy Ritual: In the TOY RITUAL you have the opportunity to explore different Anal Toys, we talk about what they do and how they work and then you may try some of them and feel them. Many men in previous Workshops said it reminded them of a “Tupperparty”, but for Toys. A playful and light environment to try something new. The Toys are used with Condoms and cleaned properly after each use. So all is safe and hygienic.

In the final Session of the weekend we bring all the new experiences and wisdom into a tantric massage with focus on anal pleasure. You will be surprised how much you learned about giving and receiving and how good you are at putting it into practice. You will Love Anal Massage !

2 thoughts on “WeLove Anal Massage Workshop

  1. Rob Parsons Reply

    I have been searching for someone offering this in the US for years now! I guess we as a nation are too uptight about it; only think it’s sexual.

    Do you know of anyone on the East Coast of USA practicing this or lingam?

    • Tantra Hanns Reply

      Hi Rob, unfortuanitaly we are located in Europe and focusing around central europe. I hope you will find somebody local.
      Love and regards

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