Rules we have

Here we are explaining about the workshop standards and the “rules” we have and follow to create a sacred and save space for all of us!

Safe sex rules

We are very open and respect everyones desires. A very important part in our workshops is to educate about “safer sex” rules.

All exercises we do, will follow the latest science of “safer sex”. In some of the workshops we will talk more about this rules and our experience about this topic. In all of the workshops we will announce this rules at the beginning.

We do not provide prostition or sexuel services nor we will accept it!

We expect all participants to know and follow this rules during our events.

More information on safe sex you can find at

Love yourself!

Rules of engagement

If you are joining us in a workshop or retreat, you will get an authentic teacher in front of you. We provide you with a save space. So you can be authentic as well. Showing yourself in a save space is an important fact in our workshops. You don’t have to act. You can show us your inner beauty.

Respect your boundries and the boundries of the others

Every human has its own boundaries. We will promote that you are able to find your boundaries and show them in a respectful way. Of course you are responsible for your own boundaries. We will support you any time in the workshops. Some of our exercises will show you new ways in expressing your boundaries, without hurting someone.

Respect and trust

Respect and trust for each other is a pillar of our workshops.

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