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Four Hands Massage

We Love Erotic Massage Workshop

During this weekend our trainers will share their experience and love for erotic massage with you. In this massage you touch and honor every part of the body in the same way, an amazing experience of love and pleasure.

We Love Tantra Workshop

The workshop is designed to guide you through all aspects of tantra, such as breathing, touch, Tao Kung-Fu, sound massage and rituals. Breathing is an essential part of tantra. We will practice ancient breathing techniques from the taoist tradition to increase your physical and sexual energy. You will learn how to circulate the sexual energy and to have exstatic experiences.

We Love Hypnosis and Touch

Herwig and Hanns invites you to a very special workshop day with hypnosis and touch. In the begining of the workshop we we show you the exact structure of the workshop. In this workshop day you will experience a new intense experience with touch.

We Love Dinner with Friends

Why not spend a nice evening with men who like cooking and eating together. Of course I also thought about Tantra, how can it be different and why not let both flow together? As a trained chef, I am always looking for challenges for the kitchen, collecting recipes, trying out a lot of new things. But don’t worry, I will guide you throught the hole evening!

It will be a hot evening with fireworks to all your senses! Tasting, Smelling and Loving!

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