Our Values

Inner growth through fun and connection

At our workshops we like to provide a save environment where you can your true self. The only limit that you have are your own boundaries. The exercises can be overwhelming, surprising, emotional challenging, sexual. We also take care about you with all that we are and what we stand for. We run our Workshops in a fun way, with an inner smile, you can allow ourself to open up quickly and be more playful. With a smile from the heart everything seems so easy, even challenging moments. With fun we can go even deeper to your soul. Get out, your inner child and show us how you are in your truth.

Thorsten and Hanns

Inner growth through authentic encounter

We always create a save and sacred space for you and your encounters. You can be yourself, with all your patterns and boundaries. With authentic encounters you can more easy allow yourself to open up and expand your circle of confidence, in a playful way. We will change your partners as often as possible, to give you different experiences, with different feedback and with different reflections.

The gay world is not homogenous

Many people believe that the gay world is homogenous, they have an image in mind, that what they see in the gay world is true. But for real, the gay world is as colorful as a peacock. We invite all men, not just gay men – we love to have TransMen, Bi and men of all color of sexual preferences. This is expanding our scope and view on things that we have learned so far.

Expand and open your view on the gay world with us.

You will be surprised how beautiful (inside and outside) men are joining our events. There are friends that are familiar with our work, there are experienced ones. And of course there are “new” ones joining our workshops and evenings.

We take care of all kind of experienced men. Everybody has something to offer to the group. So just let them join in.

What does freedom mean for us?

Freedom is a very wide term and I am sure everybody has its own definition, but for us it means, that we can be ourself and authentic all the time. We as trainers, as well as you do, bring all that you are into and you can be your true self without playing a role!

In our freedom we try to expand our borders little by little. Taking care and responsability of ourselfs as well as all the other participants.

We are not stoping where the most stop, we are going beyond. Everything we do, we do mindful, with love for ourself and for others.

We would like that you feel a new quality of connections and new experiences.


For us it is important, that we are the same. Trainers and participants are meeting on the same level. What we like is to share our wisdom with you. All participants bring their wisdom and live experience to the workshops as well. We are learning from you too.

We treat all men the same way, Hetero-, Bi-, gay-, trans-, HIV+, HIV-, men are welcome.

We feel a strong responsibility to care about you and also to be safe. Mentally and sexually we will take care of safety.

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