Thorsten Sheranius from Frankfurt

Thorsten Sheranius

Thorsten Sheranius is a Designer, Yoga Teacher, Masseur, Sound Healer and Sacred Intimate. Since 2009 Thorsten focused on the connection between sexuality and spirituality. After participating in many Gay Love Spirit workshops, he went on to complete their two-year training programme in 2010/2011. Since 2012 he was facilitating many retreats and workshops through Gay Love Spirit and supported hundreds of men on their journey. In 2019 Thorsten & Hanns founded WeLoveTantra. Thorsten offers private Sessions in Frankfurt where all his wisdom of the Workshops is available for you. From Sexcoaching and different forms of Massages to Sacred Intimacy (Erotic Healing). His sessions are a dynamic combination communication, hot erotic touch, breath work, sound healing and shamanic wisdom of different traditions. Thorsten Sheranius is a trainer in many of the WeLove Tantra Workshops.

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Tantra Hanns from Munich

Tantra Hanns

Hanns is actually a specialist for IT security and works for an international startup where he advises customers on identity management. Since he attended his first Tantra course on the island of Ischias more than 5 years ago, he has been gripped by “Tantra fever”.

He had completed his 2 year Tantra training at GayLoveSpirit in 2015.

He brought in his experience as a trainer and co-trainer in workshops, tantra festivals, tantra evenings and individual sessions.

In his blog you can read the latest news about his work as a Tantra trainer.

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Moxe from Barcelona


Moxe, born in Tel-Aviv, lives in Barcelona. For the last 10 years he is facilitating different workshops, retreats and evenings in Gay Love Spirit around relationships, systemic work, body consciousness and massage techniques. Moxe lives in a rural-urban collective, he did his Master studies in conflict management in Berlin with a focus on community building and group facilitation. Since then he learned among other things tantric work, osteopathy and systemic ritual (a method related to family constellation). He develops the sensual osteopathy method that connects the corporal, emotional and spiritual body to reach harmony and healing on all levels.

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Herwig from Austria


Herwig is a passionate hypnotist.
Hypnosis brings you to yourself. The experience is much more intense and images arise in your head and you can make an incredible journey.
Let your subconscious surprise you… it is often different than you might consciously think, it is very emotional, wild, erotic. Touching becomes more intense and it becomes a unique experience.

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Chris Tantra from Barcelona

Christian . founded the Neo Tantra Institute in 2012 after 20 years of personal sexual development, group psychology, relationship management and coaching. Christian successfully evolved his creativity in the music industry and architecture field, prior to expanding upon his passion for psychology and sexuality. For several years, Christian has traveled around the world to learn from Masters and professors, from Margot Anand to Mantak Chia, teachers of the fundamentals of Sacred Sexuality and Joseph Kramer, creator of The Body Electric. In his studies he received the Tantra Masseur certification from The Diamond Lotus in Berlin and he is a certified Sexological Bodyworker. In his efforts to expand Creative Sexuality, Christian has worked closely with Felix Ruckert, founder of Schwlle 7 in Berlin, finding common ways to access the ecstatic states between pleasure and pain. In 2020 Christian and his wife Simone will open the very unique sex positive center in Catalunya “La Casa Dorada” that will combine Workshops – Holistic Hosting – Day stay . an adult only clothes optional and naturist venue – dedicated to open minded people from all genders and all orientations.

  • Coordinator: Mixed-Training and Men Only, Sacred and Creative Sexuality;
  • Private Coach: Individuals and Couples
  • Certified Tantra Masseur: The Diamond Lotus, Berlin
  • Languages: French, English, Spanish
  • Statistics: French, partnered, 3 Children, Pan-sexual
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WebsiteLa Casa Dorada


Siegmar from Berlin

Siegmar offers erotic massage and tantric rituals in Berlin.


Since 2006, he has incorporated the styles of his various teachers into his own ‘tantric path’. When he discovered the world of Gay Love Spirit at the Summer Retreat in2008, he finally found his family.

He would like to make this energy and his own talent for bodily touch available to you in your everyday life. For a tall, powerfully built man, he approaches his spiritual and physical energy in a particularly sensitive manner. His massage will help you to rediscover your sensuality. You will feel safe and secure, and able to let yourself go completely.

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Miguel from Barcelona


Miquel is a very passionate Masseur. He lives in Barcelona and colaborates in We Love Tantra Workshops in Barcelona, Madrid and Munich. Since several years he dedicates a lot of time to Tantra, meditation, Yoga, Shamanism and Spirituality.

Miquel is trained as “Tantra Body Worker advanced Level” and “Deep tissue Specialist” by “True Tantra”.
He offers Sessions of Tantra and erotic Massage in Spain and occasionally in Germany.
A Session with Miguel may vary from soft to very intense, from hot erotic to healing.

Miguel offers his spanish fire energy, the touch of his hands, and the warmth of his heart to create a unique experience for you.
Using all his tools, tantric respiration and physical sounds will touch your Body, mind and spirit in a very profound way.
Miguel offers individuel Session, gay couple workshops and 4 hands sessions with his partner.

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Martin from Gran Canary Island


Tantra and massage studio central in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria. 
Dedicated to the wellbeing, health, sexual healing and sprituality trough Tantra and massages with a holistic approach. Human touch. 

Professional and certified Bodyworker, Tantra and Massage Therapist.​Martin has worked with people with his creativity since young age, and is sincere curious about the wellbeing, peace, harmony and balance in the spritual and sexual body.
This lead him to deepen his path of healing and relaxation trough touch, massages, to understand and explore the conection between body, heart and mind, remove blokcages, be free in your love, being and spirit.

Let go of the facade and redescover your authentic natural being.
He is specialist and cetified Tantra Energy masseur and Tantra Therapist.
In addition, he is a Reiki Master and he is a trained Tantric De-Armouring therapist,  Swedish/ Relax masseur, Lomi Lomi masseur, Californian/ Esalen Masseur, and has created his own personal style as a therapist and masseur. and work exclusivly with men of any sexual oriontation,  gay, bi or straight, for the ultimate relaxation and healing. 

Home LocationGran Canary Island

Duncan of Berlin

Robert is a writer and musician who took part in Gay Love Spirit’s first Two Year Training, graduating as a Sacred Intimate in 2011. The experience caused all sorts of life-changes, including a move from London to Berlin, where he now lives and works.

Robert enjoys looking after men and helping them to fully enjoy their bodies. Over many years of experience as an erotic masseur, he has developed his practice, in which a light, sensual touch brings about deep relaxation and centredness.

He also offers Sacred Intimacy to men who have some experience of tantra, or to clients who have previously seen him for massage. In these sessions, you can explore erotic touch further for your pleasure and personal development.

Robert is based in Berlin but is sometimes available for sessions in London. He also works under the name of Duncan.

Home LocationBerlin