Feedback for the Anal Massage Workshop

A honest feedback is very important to us and we are very thankful that you took your time to write to us. We are more than proud that you value our work. This motivates us to bring more workshops and even create new workshops for you!

Dear Thorsten, your workshop was a very beautiful, intensive and sensual experience for me, and already on Friday I was welcomed and received very affectionately in the group.

I had a long car journey behind me and wa able to slow down in your created atmosphere and felt immediately comfortable. In this evening, the group was led by you, equally well together and we could get to know each other well.

At a common dinner we laughed already cordially together. On Saturday, after a beautiful meditation together, the group was tuned into each other and also in conversations we found out where each of us stood and could share our experiences on this topic.

For me it was very exciting to listen to the other participants and to be able to share my experiences and needs. At the beginning of this round of talks I thought that it would be rather quiet as nobody dares to talk about it, fortunately it was exactly the opposite, which I personally found very nice. The mutual massage exchange on this day, was very sensual and touched me very much.

What especially touched me was that during the massages, you let your oriental singing bowls sound and also worked with scents, which touched all senses and was a deep sensual experience for me, which I did not know yet. Thanks for that. As the instructor of this sensual, beautiful workshop, you brought us all together and brought your experiences into the group.

I felt that we were all one, so it was possible to explore and exceed my own limits without shame. I thank you for the great, sensual and beautiful experience in Cologne. You are a great man. Every future participant who reads my feedback I can only recommend to get involved in a nice experience with Thorsten.

Thanks for everything. Namasté xx.

a participant of the anal massage workshop with Thorsten

The participant is known by us and of course we only post feedback anonymous for privacy.

Thank your very much for this awesome review. I hope to see you soon!

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