Code of Ethics

Secure Frame

It is important that each of us creates a safe environment to be able to surrender completely to the personal experience.

Our facilitators make sure that you feel free to never go beyond your real limits.

Strict Confidentiality

This confidentiality applies to both our trainers and participants. No name or information will be disclosed before, during or after the workshops with us.
We also ask our participants to respect this strict confidentiality.
It is an important part of the safe and caring environment that we put in our work.

Absolute Trust

We respect each of our participants and make sure that it is the same between them.

We are not here to judge. We know how intense the path of Tantra, self growth and expanding consciousness can be.


What is consent?
It is an agreement made by two persons to operate together within a set of rules, where both have agreed and are willing to stand together within it.

But this agreement can change and/or be cancelled at any time by any of the involved parts. No judgement and no explanations are required about the change of mind, but dialogue is always welcome.

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