Supporting our Community! Online Tantra Evening

We love to re-connect with you and found a way!
Lets try it together! For my Munich Tantra Evening group I setup a video conference to reconnect and share again. It is simple and it can be used on the computer, on smartphones and pads. You receive all details per mail from us.

Code of Ethics

Secure Frame It is important that each of us creates a safe environment to be able to surrender completely to the personal experience. Our facilitators make sure that you feel …

What awaits you! A summary

Again and again we get incredibly nice feedback from our participants. It fills me with pride and love. It drives me to give new workshops and formats for you again and again. Here is a short summary of what you can expect and a short description from me! Have fun reading.

Thorsten and Hanns

Rules we have

Here we are explaining about the workshop standards and the “rules” we have and follow to create a sacred and save space for all of us!

Massage Workshop and LAST tantra evening 2019

We held our last WeLove Erotic Massage Workshop for this year and on the Nov 15th is our last tantra evening in Munich for this year. But don’t be sad, we have new workshop and evenings dates already published. More to come….